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Insurance Products & News
Insurance Products

Auto Insurance

Texas law requires you to have auto liability insurance, and if you still owe money on your car, your lender requires that you also carry collision and comprehensive coverage. Auto insurance pays for damages, injuries, and other losses specifically covered by your policy. Read your policy carefully to know exactly what it covers. Pay special attention to the exclusions section, which lists the things your policy does not cover. The front page of your policy is called the declarations page. It contains useful information such as the exact name of your insurance company, your policy number, and the amount of each of your coverage and deductibles.
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Home Insurance

Homeowners insurance protects you from financial losses caused by storms, fire, theft, and other events outlined in your policy. It is important to know what's in your policy. This publication gives you general information about homeowners insurance, but it is not a substitute for the policy itself. Make sure you read your policy carefully and understand your specific coverages.
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Health Insurance

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Mortgage Rates & News
Mortgage Rates

What is Mortgage?

A lien or claim against a property given by the buyer to the lender as security for money borrowed. Under government-insured or loan-guarantee provisions, the payments may include escrow amounts covering taxes, hazard insurance, water charges, and special assessments. Mortgages generally run from 10 to 30 years during which the loan is paid off.
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Mortgage Tools

Tools used to help homebuyers determine the monthly payment on a mortgage using principal, interest rate, and term as the variables or how to do Fast Amortization Calculator, etc.
  • Fast Amortization Calculator
  • Calculate Your Monthly Payment
  • Amortization with PMI Calculations
  • Calculate your monthly PMI payment quickly
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Real Estate News
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